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Highly competitive pricing with excellent quality - We know this is the most important, but please read more, and see why we say, 'Know the Difference'.

PTT and Worldwide Wholesale Market Experienced Management team. Our team Knows the value and longevity that quality routes and customer services will bring. Our President/CEO is available during normal business hours for any urgent concerns or needs.

Proactive Account Management - Your Account manager can assist with any route needs and is always available, remembering who the customer is, this is a daily focus.

24/7 Technical Support-Online trouble tickets allow your technician to be pro-active when reporting any route issues.

Custom treatment/Cause codes - In the event your calls do not complete, we can customize the return signaling, giving you the ability to forward route the call.

Flexible Routing - Call hunting allows us to find the right termination and the best quality.

Real-time Traffic Visibility - Redundant systems gives us the ability to monitor real time, and 15 minute delayed statistics.

Timely Accurate Billing, easy to read summaries by day, average call duration and average minute cost all included. CDR available, anytime, any reason.

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